Using Guitar Chord Charts

Guitar chord charts…

Guitar chord charts are a systematic way to learn how to play chords on a guitar. To be able to read the charts, you must first know the different types of chords- major, minor, and dominant seventh. It is important to know what type of chord you are playing when reading the chart so that you can choose which finger numbers your will use in order from index (1) through pinky (4). For example, if you see a “C” on the chart and it says “3 3 3 4,” this means that your index (1), ring finger (2), middle finger (3), and pinky finger (4) will be used in order from left to right.

Guitar Chord Reference Dial…

The guitar chord reference dial is a device that is used to help guitar players learn chords and songs. The device displays the name of each chord, as well as its fingering and the strings that should be played. The beginner can also move their fingers around on the dial for quick reference to different chords.

A guitar chord reference dial helps many guitar players learn chords and songs in a more efficient way than trying to memorize every song note by note. Just by looking at it, you will know which string needs to be strummed, what string should be your ring finger, which one should be your middle finger, and so on.

Music Dials Guitar Chords Chart

Front shows 12 charts, each showing all the chord forms and positions for each major & minor chord. Back shows 12 charts, each showing all the chord forms and positions for each augmented & diminished chord. Also shown are the notes for 7th chords.

Forget those big fat cumbersome chord books. Take a look at a complete guitar chord reference on a simple easy to use 2-sided movable dial. Fits into your instrument case.

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