Recording Music In Your Living Room…

Having a studio in your own pad is great feeling. Being able to stroll over a couple of rooms and find yourself immersed in the comfortable surroundings of musical gear is a treat indeed.

In an article from Billboard, Country singer, Tenille Townes, did a fair amount of her latest album using her living room surroundings for her initial tracks.

If you happen to have your own personal studio in your home, then… “You lucky dog, you!”

Jam On!

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Tenille Townes just released her debut EP on Sony Music Nashville in April, a four-song collection titled Living Room Worktapes. Though the EP wasn’t actually recorded in a living room, the raw way Townes and her co-writers wrote every track — with nothing but a melody and a guitar — is similar to the realness that a setting like that allows.

“I love a living room — it makes me think of my family and the safe spot where we can talk about anything,” Townes tells Billboard.