We’re Back!… Vinyl Records

Not to long ago I talked about the rise and fall of Tower Records and how the vinyl record industry had their days and then essentially died… well get ready because they’re back!

Many of you vinyl aficionados already knew this was happening. The fact that pressed records remain dynamically pure and essentially a great way to archive recorded material, makes the vinyl application a great consideration for recordings of music.

This article from The RollingStone highlights some of the latest sales numbers as they associate with the CD and Vinyl marketplace.

Jam On!

(credit given to for RollingStone)

“When vinyl sales started to climb in 2006, some experts saw it as a fad. No longer: Those sales hit a 25-year high last year, and labels are investing in more sophisticated packaging than ever… many artists have taken note; Bruce Springsteen released his latest box set, The Album Collection Vol. 2, 1987-1996, exclusively on vinyl, with no CD option.”

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